A note to all Realtors/Real Estate Professionals from a Leading Edmonton Area Home Stager

A Staged Property Sells Faster and For Top Dollar. This has been statistically proven time, and time again.

I completely admire and respect the huge number of hats that you, as a Realtor, end up wearing throughout the process of selling a property.

The process is extremely time consuming and labour intensive from start to finish. You work incredibly hard for your income.

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A Canadian Certified Staging Professional, such as Revealing Assets, comes in to take care of the least desireable of your tass. A Stager efficiently tackles the more delicate issues such as clutter, cleanliness, repairs, and de-personalization. This alleviates some of your work-load, helps you reserve some energy, and ensures the property is Showing-worthy, and will photograph beautifully.

You have also been able to bow out of the "Bad News" deliveries to your clients. As we all know, it is crucial to maintain your relationship with your clients. An angry client is a tough client. Nothing is worse than investing dollars and precious time into a client relationship, somehow offending their sensibilities, and essentially losing the business. A Professional Home Stager can be your personal "Bad Guy". We can be the ones to let them know that there is a foul odour that needs to be addressed, that their pets absolutely must be away from the property for showings, or that we need to remove the flowered-lacey window coverings.

The listing will stand out from the competition, draw in more potential buyers, and sell quicker, and bring in more money.

In the end, you, The Realtor, have expended less energy, but have successfully put more money in your pocket in a much shorter time-frame.

Rhonda Wilson - CCSPTM
Owner/Operator of
Revealing Assets
Home Staging and Decluttering Services
We transform properties into highly
sought-after products that sell in half
the time and for 7-10% more money.
Through personal experience, extensive
research and training, and a compassionate
approach, we De-clutter living/work spaces for
up-lifting and positive life changes.

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


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