I would greatly appreciate some feedback and/or opinions on the new Home Staging Tool I have just officially launched....

I LOVE Active Rain, and I certainly value the ability to throw ideas out to an amazingly qualified and professional crowd.

My question is this: Do you see value in my new Home Staging Service outlined below? Do you view this as a tool that would be valuable to Realtors(R) and Home Sellers? I would love to hear what you think. NO HOLDS BARRED!!! Thank you in advance!

E-Home Staging

 Brought to you by Edmonton's Leading Canadian Certified Staging Professional!

Premiere Service of its Kind in Alberta!

Real Estate Sales.......You have heard all of the buzz words such as; Neutralize, De-personalize, De-clutter, Maximize floor Space, Assess Room Role Functions, Eliminate Attractive Distractions, and Draw attention to Attractive Architectural Features. Do you find yourself asking, "But, where do I start and how do I achieve all of this in my specific property?"

What is E-Home Staging?

The "E-Home Staging Package" is an exact mirror service of our Basic Guidance Home Staging Package, except it offers greater convenience and saves you, the client, time and money.

This entire process is done on-line and utilizes E-mail, Digital Photos, and Secure Payment Processors.

Photos of your property are assessed and analyzed by the experienced and trained eyes of a successful Canadian Certified Staging Professional (CCSPTM), and you are provided with an incredibly detailed and comprehensive report and official To-Do List that guarantees your property will be listing, photo, and showing-ready. Our report addresses a lengthy list of Home Staging concepts and creates for you a custom, no-fail plan to prepare your property for a timely and profitable Sale.

Who Benefits Most from E-Home Staging?

Home Owners, Home Sellers, Realtors®, FSBO Sellers, Real Estate Investors

Why Utilize E-Home Staging rather than an in-home, in-person Home Staging Guidance Package?

Saves you 75% of your TIME!

Saves you at least 44% of your MONEY!

This provides you with added privacy and sense of security!

You receive equal quality and depth of service!

You benefit from obtaining the same stellar level of competitive edge with which to enter the Market!

Because this service is executed solely on-line, clients in rural areas, outlying areas, other cities, overseas, and anywhere in the WORLD can obtain this service from us!

Rhonda Wilson - CCSPTM
Owner/Operator of
Revealing Assets
Home Staging and Decluttering Services
We transform properties into highly
sought-after products that sell in half
the time and for 7-10% more money.
Through personal experience, extensive
research and training, and a compassionate
approach, we De-clutter living/work spaces for
up-lifting and positive life changes.

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


Comment balloon 11 commentsRhonda Wilson • October 22 2010 11:01PM


Uau... I wonder if I could figure out a way to do my job from home... :O)

Rhonda, if it works it sounds fantastic. I wonder how detailed the report is. If I was the seller I would need a very detailed report, telling me exactly what to do.

Good luck!

Posted by Jose Dias, Sell Your Home in Scottsdale-Phoenix-Peoria-Glendale-Goodyear (Home Sellers Help in Scottsdale-Phoenix-Peoria-Glendale) about 10 years ago

I tried to check out your website but the pics were loading slowly, I'll try again later. The idea sounds good, what is the pricing like as opposed to hands-on staging?

Posted by Maureen Fukumoto, Maureen (Help-U-Sell Realty Pro) about 10 years ago

Thank you for your response, Jose!

I actually do the majority of my Home Staging and De-cluttering work in my clients' homes. This was just a tool I wanted to add to address voiced concerns over the years from my clients.

It is a very detailed report that addresses many things such as; Space lighting/window coverings, Curb Appeal, Furniture placement/arrangement to maximize floor space and draw the buyers' eyes to the prime architectural features, accessory placement and usage for optimal highlighting of the property's features, the need to De-clutter and De-personalize (we tell them exactly which items NEED to be packed away or stored away, and educate them regarding the reasoning), Space color cohesiveness, Condition of furnishings, Usage of Artwork (hung in right spots at right height), Room-Role Functionality assessment, recommended upgrades or repairs, and the list goes on.

The client ends up with a very blunt, forward, point-form To-Do List that they can literally follow and check off as they go. It has been working very well, and I am always so proud of them when I finally see their official listing photos after their work is completed!

Thank you again!

Have a great weekend!!

Posted by Rhonda Wilson (Revealing Assets - Home Staging Services) about 10 years ago

Hello, Maureen!

You know what? I believe that I was actually just in my website doing some editing, and it was probably at the same time you were in there. Sorry about that. I am out of there now. I will leave it alone, I promise!

Thank you for your inquiry!

My "Basic Guidance Home Staging Package", where I actually go into the home and spend up to 4 hours with the client, assessing every nook and cranny of their property from the curb all the way back is priced at $180. This entire visit/consultation is recorded on high-quality voice recorder, and the client is provided with a copy of the audio recording. But, on top of that (because some people are different learning types), I summarize the entire visit in an official typed "To-Do List" that is forwarded to them right after the visit. In the visit, I supply the client with feedback in areas where they have actually done a wonderful job regarding presentation and preparedness for listing. But, I also give them suggestions, instructions, and guidance on optimal changes to be made to ensure that their property shows at its best in photos and in person.

I point out all recommended upgrades and/or repairs that would impact the amount of time on market and bring them a decent ROI (return on investment).

Also, on those visits, along the way, I am making adjustments to furniture placement, and re-purposing accessories/artwork/soft furnishings as needed. I point out every single item, large or small, in every space that NEEDS to be removed from the property for selling (or at least packed/stored away out of sight). It is quite comprehensive.

Alternately, with our E-Home Staging, we have 3 packages clients can choose from on our site.

They receive the exact same level of guidance and expertise in return for their investment here, but it is done online.

E-Home Staging Packages

1 Room/Space $40

2-3 Rooms/Spaces $70

4 Rooms/Spaces up to entire property $100

So, in conclusion, the client gets parallel service, but save 44% of their Money, and 75% of their Time investment as well. Also, E-Home Staging provides a client with some added privacy at a time when they know they are about to embark on a journey where many strangers will enter their home.

Also, I now have the ability to help clients around the world!!!!

I hope that helps a little!!

Posted by Rhonda Wilson (Revealing Assets - Home Staging Services) about 10 years ago

That's a cool concept, Rhonda!  Have you received any e-consultations from it yet?  I went to your form and it is pretty straightforward - I'll be interested to see what you get.  Good luck and MUCH success!

wake forest nc house chick

Posted by Leesa Finley, RED Properties - Raleigh NC Real Estate (RED Properties) about 10 years ago

Rhonda, I have tried this concept out here on AR and recieved mixed reviews. I believe the idea has merit and should be developed for those who do not have a Stager near by. Other's fear it will encroach on their 'turf'. I'll watch to see what your responses are here.

Posted by Janice Ankrett, Staging Professional (Janice Ankrett Home Staging) about 10 years ago

Hello Janice and Leesa!

Yes, I have done quite a few E-Home Staging Packages thus far, and they have been quite successful! I always LOVE seeing the "after photos". I always keep in touch and watch for their listings, and ask them to e-mail me the "after photos".

It is so rewarding to see that I have provided clear and thorough enough instructions for the client to easily execute them!!

Thank you for your good wishes, Leesa!

Janice, yes, this service is invaluable for those who don't have access to a local Stager. But, it is also very exciting for those clients who are already apprehensive about having strangers through their homes for showings whilst on the market. The last thing they get excited about is having to invite one more stranger, the Stager, into their home as well. It is also of great value to those clients who just have one "trouble space" within their home, and would like to save money and time.

I don't think that I am trying to "encroach" on anyone's "turf" in the least. Any Stager who is concerned about that should also consider offering this amazing service.

Take good care, and Happy Staging!!

Posted by Rhonda Wilson (Revealing Assets - Home Staging Services) about 10 years ago

That's an interesting concept, especially since you probably would charge mre for a consult in Hawaii! I'll go back on your website again and check it out.

Posted by Maureen Fukumoto, Maureen (Help-U-Sell Realty Pro) about 10 years ago

staging over the internet is the future of staging....... I think I better figure out a way to include this concept in my list of services....

Posted by TERI LINDSAY, STAGELIGHT HOME STAGING CO. about 10 years ago

Sounds like a unique idea that could be borderless and successful. I'm curious about how smooth the process will be.

Posted by Debra Harbaruk, Vancouver BC Realtor (Re/Max City Realty, Commercial Dr Condos) about 10 years ago

Hello, Maureen, Teri, and Debra!

Maureen, true, but I would have to say I would LOVE to do in-person consults in Hawaii! Do you have access to many Home Stagers there?

Teri, I strongly believe that E-Home Staging does have a strong and promising future in our industry. But, the need and demand for on-site, in-home, in-person Home Staging Services will simply not ever go away.

There are also so many properties that simply will not benefit as much from E-Home Staging as they would from the on-site service. There are homes that are filthy, have terrible odours, have pets running around, or structural damage that cannot be seen in photos. In those cases, a Realtor(R) would have to use discretion and not refer these online services to those clients.

But, as I enter clients' homes on a daily basis, I consistently come across those people who have a property that is clean, odour-free, and very well-maintained. And, their only struggles lie with decor placement, accessory/artwork placement, clutter, personalization, and colours. These are the clients who will both love and succeed greatly with E-Home Staging!!

Posted by Rhonda Wilson (Revealing Assets - Home Staging Services) about 10 years ago