A mandatory, but over-looked, key to Selling a Property Successfully!

A mandatory, but over-looked, key to Selling a Property Successfully!

It is not your "home" anymore, so a shift in mentality is in order.

Perhaps the most difficult, yet necessary, adjustments to make when selling your "home" is letting go of all emotional attachments.

"Home IS where the heart is"! This will never be a false statement. "Home" is where many of your fond and/or less-than-favourable memories are created. Maybe you have raised children there, had grand-children over for festivities, accomplished great things during your time there, or have experienced great loss whilst living there.

No matter how you cut it, in many cases, our "homes" make up a large part of our inner-beings. Our "homes" are very personal and dear to our hearts for many reasons.

This can, and often, is a huge issue when one has decided a move is necessary.

A HUGE part of the selling process NEEDS to take place prior to listing your "home".

When you officially commence the listing process, you will come into contact with many Real Estate Professionals. This signals the start of a flurry of assorted opinions and suggestions. This is where I always try to prepare my clients for what is to come.

The first question I ask my Home-sellers is, "Are you truly ready to give this home up, and find a new property to call "home""? This may appear to be a simple question to answer, but requires more attention than one may assume.

Once you have made the official decision to list your "home" for sale, you have now waived any right to continue affectionately calling the property your "home".

Your "home" is now a PRODUCT that is listed for sale. Products need to be merchandised for sale. You need to view this property as a borrowed residence, a hotel room, a resting place, a transition hostel. This property is now simply where you are temporarily staying whilst searching for your "new home".

The truth is that we all believe our "homes" are worth way more than current "market value". We can only make a logical decision where price is concerned if we have started to view our home as a product. The market will simply NOT pay you more than your home is actually worth in today's market.

The second reason you need to remove your emotions from the equation is that you WILL be given feedback and suggestions regarding your overall presentation of your product. This could mean packing away prized treasures, storing away family photos, changing paint colours, or re-arranging furnishings. It could even mean that someone points out to you that there is an odour in your home that needs to be addressed, or maybe cleanliness is an issue.

Ecclectic Personalized Decor

The main thing to remember is that it is not about your personal styles and tastes. It is now about making adjustments to appeal to a wide variety of people (buyers) who have varying tastes, personalities, backgrounds, cultures, and religious beliefs.

I could write about this topic for quite some time.

But, the main point I wanted to make was that a seller cannot take any offense to guidance provided, nor does any Real Estate Professional mean to offend.

We are all here to ensure a smooth and successful sale for every client. We know what buyers NEED to see in order to be compelled to make you an offer. Any suggestion we make along the way is made purely to help YOU make the move to your new "Home" quicker, and more financially prepared.

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Comment balloon 9 commentsRhonda Wilson • November 21 2010 12:57AM


You are correct and it is why we often have problems with the seller.  They have not given up the home in their minds.

Posted by Tim Lorenz, 949 874-2247 (TIM LORENZ - Elite Home Sales Team) almost 9 years ago

If they want top dollar than seller's need to get on board with the psychology of selling. There is a reason Mcdonalds spent huge amounts of time and money deciding what color to paint their restaurants. Different colors inspire different actions.

Posted by Ryan Pringle (Realtor, GRI, Keller Williams) almost 9 years ago

Tim, that is exactly the issue. And, they don't realize that this mentality is also going to make it next to impossible to find a new home that they like on the flip-side.

Ryan, this is my point, exactly. Every product needs to be marketed intelligently. And, a house is a product or a commodity. So, yes, everyone needs to be on-board with the "psychology of selling".

It is not only colors that inspire different actions, but overall presentation as well. I actually have clients who are selling due to divorce borrow clothing belonging to the opposite sex and hang them up in various closets throughout. I also have them place opposite-gender-descriptive belongings here and there. If a buyer senses a divorce, we all know they will make a low-ball offer. The list goes on and on.

Posted by Rhonda Wilson (Revealing Assets - Home Staging Services) almost 9 years ago

Great advice. It is hard to give up a home with all it's memories.  It's helpful that you prepare them in advance to try to distance themselves from the emotional attachement.

Posted by Maureen Fukumoto, Maureen (Help-U-Sell Realty Pro) almost 9 years ago

Maureen, it is very difficult to remove oneself from a "home" full of memories.

I have had many clients now who have had "Growth charts" hand-drawn on walls somewhere in the home for their children. My suggestion to them is to literally take a saw and cut that portion of wall out and take it with them when they move. Then I give them tips on how to effectively patch and re-paint that wall for showing and selling. This helps them, as that little piece of wall tells so many stories!!

Posted by Rhonda Wilson (Revealing Assets - Home Staging Services) almost 9 years ago

I often tell seller's they just jumped on the shelf.  It's not personal anymore.  How long do they want people to be shopping their aisle and not select them?

Posted by Laura Sargent (Carolina One Real Estate) almost 9 years ago


Good point. Once a seller starts thinking about the property as a hosue and not a home, then the deal can get done.


Posted by Brian Madigan, LL.B., Broker (RE/MAX West Realty Inc., Brokerage (Toronto)) almost 9 years ago

Rhonda, You can't say this enough. Until the seller realizes they can take their memories with them and lets go of the 'home' so they can sell the 'house' the sale will stall.

Posted by Janice Ankrett, Staging Professional (Janice Ankrett Home Staging) almost 9 years ago

Laura, Brian, and Janice: Exactly! Until the Seller(s) adopt this necessary mentality and stick to it, the "Sale will Stall", and it will always be because of different issues. If they still view the house as their "home", any offer that comes in will offend them and be turned down, unless it matches asking price or is higher.

Sellers who are not in the right frame of mind will also only get defensive with any feedback that is less than wonderful.

When sellers truly desire a new "home" and can focus on their end goal, they are a lot more likely to step back and jump in to do what is needed in order to appeal to the buyers!

Posted by Rhonda Wilson (Revealing Assets - Home Staging Services) almost 9 years ago